Issue:Global Warming.

Global warming is simply an increase in earth temperature which is normally cause by exceeded methane and CFC in our atmosphere.this may cause the ice in northern and southern hemisphere to melt and will increase the sea level. When this happen the lower land area will be flooding with sea water and maybe some place like Netherlands and other lands which are below sea level may not existed anymore.... Humans are the number 1 cause of the worldwide issue.

How it is affecting us.

Droughts and shortage of food may affect millions of people. Diseases that are now existing only in tropical regions may spread to other places affecting again millions of people. Extreme weather events like hurricanes and floods will intensify -they certainly affect many people. Not to mention quality of life being diminished and economic damage due to extreme weather.


While there is no quick or easy fix to this, but to have generations of humas be eco-friendly and correct taught people. We cant just all driver eletric cars and hopw that works, there are still mega industries and huge factories that release tons and tons of co2 in the atmosphere. We must trach future generations to conserve ,create, and maintain in a proper or eco-friendly way.

Global Warming