Final Project

The dilemma I chose was the 1st one.

People illegally download music over the internet. Although it's free, it is still illegal.What do you choose to do? Why?

People choose to download music illegally because it saves them money and time,also it is easy to do. I woould much rather download music over the internet because it saves me money and time.

    Why you shoudnt.

  1. You should not download music illegaly because its not the right thing to do. Proven by the following quote : “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”-C.S. Lewis.
  2. If you get caught it will be really bad and embarassing because you coudnt afford to pay for own music.
  3. Buying music makes you loose money,but you never have to worry. Plus you can brag about the money you can throw out on music.

    Why you should.

  1. One of the many reasons you should, download music over the internet is ease of access.
  2. Weather you pay or not,you still get the same quality and the same songs.
  3. If you are trying to save money,this is the best way to go hands down. After all millions around the world do it.

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